The collaboration pica pica & tinctub is a collection of eco-friendly, hand-tailored clothing. All fabrics have been hand-dyed naturally.

The pieces in the collection have all been designed and handmade by Kathrin Niemann at pica pica. The clothing is made from Ahimsa Silk (Peace Silk) and organic cotton.

All colors have been hand-dyed at Tinctub natural dye studio by Kristen Cooper. The natural dyes used on the clothing shown here include Cochineal, Madder, Indigo, Chamomile, Alkanet, and Logwood.

All garments can be custom made according to size and color preference. Please contact Kathrin or Kristen for more information.

pica pica, Kathrin Niemann 
Email: picapica@post.com

tinctub, Kristen Cooper
Email: tinctub@gmail.com