naturally dyed textiles
Tinctub is a Berlin based Natural Dye Studio run by Kristen Cooper. She uses sustainable natural materials, such as, bark, leaves, roots, seeds, fruit, and flowers to produce a wide spectrum of complex and vibrant colors on natural fabrics and fibers.

At Tinctub, natural dye extracts are used when the dye stuff cannot be found locally. Dried dye stuff is sourced from Germany, and when seasonally available, Tinctub collects plant stuff locally from forests, parks, gardens, etc.

Mordant assists are used in combination with some dye stuff to prolong lightfastness and washfastness. Mordants allow the fiber or fabric to hold the dye color.

Tinctub offers a variety of services: custom dyeing of natural yarn and fabrics, over-dyeing or re-dyeing of existing clothing, workshops, and collaborative work with designers and artists.

All fibers, fabrics, and clothing dyed at Tinctub can be over-dyed at Tinctub. Please contact Kristen for more information.